Universal Door Mount (UD-6)

EJ using the UD6 extra wide grip

Hand crafted quality with a lifetime warranty. The UD6 has 1/2"thick foam fulcrums that sit on your door frame to protect your trim. Sitting 4"from your door frame keeps your elbows from rubbing on the door trim. Easy four bolt assembly. We also offer resistance bands to provide lift of 60 lbs while working out.

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Our products have over 95% American made content. These supplies are shipped by US transport companies to our manufacturing facility in Leamington, Ontario. 

Who Buys Easyeffort Pull up bars?

We get orders from all over the world from a wide range of individuals and businesses. Our bars are most popular with law enforcement and military personnel who need a solid bar to practice for their entrance tests. A selection of our customers who love our door pull up bar, include:


What our customers are saying about our pullup bars:

  • "Love your website and your products, very impressed with your physique, knowledge and comprehensive information in your website...truly value your efforts to educate and help others with your inventions. All the best". -Hela Eidelberg

  • "I'm loving the 12BX program! I'm seeing results I have never seen before (even during my wrestling days) and I am 49 years old. I'm at level 10 on push ups, but only level one on pull ups. I'm doing the 30 day pull up routine and that is working really well so far."-Dave Nagel

  • "I can do 10 pull ups or chin ups with resistance band per set. One year ago I weighed 228 at 5'11"got down to 188lbs was stuck not losing anymore. Then got your atlas bar and doorway pull up bar, 4 months later down to 174lbs. Was wearing 38 pants now 34. No aerobics just push ups and pull ups. 4 day workout. Thank you for making great equipment at a great price!" -Frank Genovese III

  • "The bar is great. I assembled it last night and it's much much much nicer than other bars I've seen. I would definitely recommend it. I came pretty close to buying another bar but luckily after enough searching I found yours. The only problem is that I can't do a damn pull up yet (unassisted at least). I'll get there though!"-Nikil Mehta

  • "I LOVE the bar!!! I have already mentioned to a couple of my friends that when they are ready to get one let me know!"-Carl Christie

  • "I'm very satisfied. The wide grip is extra important for the development of back muscles. A pleasure to do business with your company." -Jeff Whittal

  • "I meant to call you. I am very happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone, and try to talk them out of buying a cheap imitation. The only problem is all hotels don't have the lip on the door jam. About half of them do and the rest don't. But in the ones that do, it works perfectly, as described. Excellent build quality."-John Parker

  • "I'm definitely pleased with the bar I purchased from you. It's definitely solid and doesn't look or feel cheap like other bars I've seen. I would definitely recommend your products to my friends."-Greg Sales

  • "It is absolutely brilliant. Fifteen minutes to assemble, against the 45 minutes it took for the Amazon.com alternative that didn't work for my 5.5"moulding/door jam. For the Amazon.com review for the previous chin up bar I purchased I made a note that I ended up purchasing the UD6 and that I was very very pleased with the product."-Whitney Beck

  • "I found your product after I had already damaged my door frame using a door mount bar purchased on Amazon and I was looking for a higher quality alternative. The main selling point for me was the thicker padding that really protects the door frame from damage but I also notice the difference in quality of the bar due to its construction in Canada vs China. I really appreciate well made, quality products. "-John Wiggin

  • "My son loves it! Says its probably the best you can get, Thank you."-Laura Davis

  • "I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend to friends. Easy to assemble, sturdy, fits my oversized trim and very aesthetic. Thank you."-Eli Shem-Tov

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$69.95 + $14.95 S&H Also accepting International & Canadian orders.

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If your doorway is 24"to 32"wide then you will need our UD5 for $59.95 plus $14.95 S&H Ideal for smaller areas, doors adjacent to walls or apartments.


Your order ships same day if it's in stock! All orders that are received before 4pm EST are shipped via UPS Ground by 6:30pm EST the same day. Delivery is generally 3-5 working days. Monday thru Friday, continental US only. International orders will be shipped out once per month.

For Wider Walls

The UD6 was designed for standard 4½" walls and overhead trim that does not exceed 4" wide. It is not uncommon for older homes, 50+ years, military barracks and some condo construction to have 5½" or 6½" walls. Just measure your wall thickness from drywall of one room to drywall of hallway.

Custom 20 inch L arms for wider walls

Our 20" custom "L" arms allow you to use your UD6 on standard thickness 4 ½" as well as 5 ½" walls and 6 ½" walls. In addition to this, these arms allow you to use your bar on standard trim above your door (4") as well as trim up to 6". Purchase your New UD6 with 20" L arms for $79.90 plus $14.95 S&H